Finnish Welcome Mat

Finnish Welcome Mat

Welcome to “Spotlight Tampa Bay Beaches”! I’m delighted that you have come to look at this part of the “Sunshine State”, where one can enjoy warm weather, rich natural beauty, water rippling in sunlight, and toes in “therapy sand”. All these can nurture your soul, as they do mine. I hope you find laughter and perspective as I’m leading you to “fun in the sunshine”. If you’re interested, there’s training available in numerous aspects of real estate as well as business management, and I can direct you to the level that’s right for you. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find throughout the “Spotlight Tampa Bay Beaches” website:



The About Page reveals my Scandinavian heritage, and how this has influenced my life. I was proud to learn that the Finnish people did what they agreed to do when WW2 ended, but sad that Finland was the only nation fully repaying its WW2 debt to the US. It’s easy to see how one of my core beliefs is that of personal integrity.


The Spotlight is on Tampa Bay, where people from all over the world come to enjoy waterside living: “Work and Play in Tampa Bay”. You’ll see a range of topics based on wide-ranging interests and activities. Yes, I Love Living By the Water!!

I’ve also been a speaker, author, Realtor®, trainer of real estate investors, public school teacher, and most recently a “Big Sister”. At least twice a week I’ll be blogging about the following: Adventures, Choices, Global Perspectives, Local Highlights, Celebrations, Historic Places, Interesting Architecture, Museums, and what’s Fun & Funky in the Tampa Bay Beaches area.

Free Tools and Resources

There is value in training people to succeed in their job or to do better at whatever they’re working on. That’s why this section will include an active list of links for you to explore, including what I’ve created from my real estate background both as a Realtor® and as an investor. You’ll also find tools which friends and colleagues have enjoyed and wished to contribute to you.

Marge’s Products

In the 1960’s I began developing online training materials for adults, and this first group was a set of multimedia tools for police officers to be more effective when visiting elementary school classrooms. It’s always fun to see a need, then create something or make something happen just from what is in my head.

I’ve been a principal or consultant for hundreds of real estate transactions, so most of my products will come from the real estate arena. Houses usually need help, and negotiation is always involved in a people transaction.


Included are videos and other messages from some of the people I’ve helped recently while in my “Realtor® shoes. 

Recommended Resources

Besides sharing laughter and perspective, I want to introduce you to training materials which may be helpful to you. These links come from my own personal experience with the product or a working relationship with the author, whose standards of quality and of ethics I can vouch for.

Contact Marge

margecoffing@gmail.com     PO Box 67232  St. Pete Beach, FL 33736   727-210-5905