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bbbs_a_logo_pplblk_0Two weeks had gone by before I saw my Little again, and so much had happened! Her Gramma had gone to the hospital with another COPD event, but she had recovered sufficiently to come home. Another big event, my Little’s mom had gone to hospital for her second baby. So now my little was a “big sister” herself!

It was important for me to check with an adult whether my Little had a  snack, and all was fine. That Saturday was quite hot –  though pretty normal for July in Florida. No trip to the library today, since my Little hadn’t read the books she had borrowed earlier, so off we went to the beach at Gulfport. But first, a surprise stop at a friend’s house – to pick up a “beginner” tennis racket for my Little. Surprises are good for everyone!

The best place to catch a breeze was close to the seawall, and we enjoyed the bench swing. The view was great and the breeze made the afternoon enjoyable! Sailboats moored at the marina, and sailboats were also pushing along on this part of the Intercoastal. To our right the pink-hued Don Cesar was spreading two arms, one south to Tierra Verde, one east across the Bayway toward Eckerd College and the Skyway Bridge.

Time to go, and while walking back we noticed the mollusks and barnacles on the rocks at the seawall base. On our way back to the car we listened to the zydecko musicians performing in the gazebo. Only about 15 minutes back to Little’s house, but we stopped first so she could write in her journal what we did. What a great way to spend a summer day!


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    • Hi Shari – thanks for commenting! I’m still catching up with myself…have been teaching/substituting almost every day since the St Pete Beach wonderfulness. I’m making a list of things you might be able to help me with…(cheeky lass, aren’t I?)

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