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“I dwell in Possibility – Emily Dickenson

A few years ago a very good friend and duplicate bridge partner gave me a Christmas gift – a framed picture of this quote, the title of one of Emily Dickinson’s poems. Frances inscribed the back with, “This thought describes your goals, my friend.” I was moved to tears by the simplicity of poet’s words; their power continues to inspire me daily when I walk by the picture.

marge profileHeritage:

My mother was born in Finland, my father’s grandparents emigrated from Sweden and came through Ellis Island, and though born in Cleveland Ohio I spent my growing-up years in a small historic suburb of Albany NY. My older brother, younger sister, and I were inspired by our parents’ strong belief in education – my dad was a research pharmacist and my mom an elementary school teacher. I listened to my mother and her mom (my “Mummo”) speaking Finnish while making bread every Saturday. Family gatherings in my dad’s hometown of Jamestown NY included Swedish food (Svenska korv, glogg, lutefisk, lingonberries) and lots of music with the piano playing and instruments celebrating another visit. My Grandma Lager was a constant inspiration – she taught me to use a sewing machine, to upholster, to cook, and to plan for contingencies, like an alternate dessert when I put the wrong amount of sugar into the pie.


    • Smith College AB, San Jose State HS Teaching Credential, U. Massachusetts M. Ed. In Curriculum Development.
    • Certified International Property Specialist, Certified Fractional Professional, Transnational Referral Certification, Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Specialist

Nicknames and Slogans:

    • “The Real Ms. McCoy”, Marge Is An Enterprising Lady (Mariel Co, LLC) “I beautify America One House at a Time”, “The Real Deal”

Business History:

    • Since 1964, I have been buying, fixing, and selling houses coast to coast.
    • Since the 1970’s, I published nationally recognized multimedia training materials
    • Since 1994 I have sold real estate products, consulting, and training
    • Since 1962 I have operated in the corporate world (Alexander & Alexander, Signal Oil & Gas, Bell & Howell Inc.) academic world (Smith College Summer Bridge, Ohio State University Research Faculty for Center of Vocational Education, DeVry Institute of Technology as Director of Admissions and Director of Marketing for the Southeast), and entrepreneurial world (The Mariel Company, Inc. and Mariel Company LLC).

Community History:

    • Served as a Founding Director of Atlanta Women’s Network
    • Served on the Board of Directors of Atlanta Women’s Business Owners
    • Served as the first woman on the Board of Directors of Atlanta Sales & Marketing Executives Inc.
    • Served 6 years as the Founding Director, Secretary, and Education Chair of the “Gold” award-winning Pinellas international Council of Pinellas Realtor Organization

Mission Statement: 

    • I believe in continuing education for myself and others
    • I bring a wealth of corporate and small business experience to provide practical tips and real-world no-nonsense strategies
    • I advise from experience to help people capture opportunities
    • I empower others by example, training, and assistance to create their dreams make them come to life


    • Laughter is powerful, and is a gift that keeps on giving
    • A global perspective is essential; I have traveled to 25 different nations on three continents
    • Music is a gift to humanity; I have traveled with choral groups to sing in 5 different nations
    • I am guided by integrity, unquenchable curiosity, and a desire for excellence
    • I am grateful for all I’ve been given and the people who continually inspire me


    • I help people make the right choices for the right reasons
    • I help bridge gaps among generations

I am known for:

    • Having a quick wit, people skills, and a bubbly personality
    • Wearing a “sunshine smile”
    • Giving trusted advice and straight talk
    • Being guided by unquenchable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge
    • Being resilient – tested and proven
    • Being savvy
    • Having “sisu”, a Finnish word for persistence and strength of character
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Marge’s Beliefs

MC Personal Charter 900

MC Personal Charter

Allow Only Good Things Into Your World

Allow Only Good Things Into Your World